Our Services

Fairfield Women’s Health Service is the only Women’s Health Centre funded in NSW to focus on women from culturally and linguistically diverse, refugee and disadvantaged backgrounds. We use women-centred, holistic, preventative and trauma-informed approaches.  Our multi-lingual, multi-disciplinary team offers the following services:

  • Client intake, information and referral (English, Vietnamese)
  • Generalist casework (English, Vietnamese)
  • Generalist counselling (English, Arabic, Vietnamese)
  • Dietitian (English, Arabic)
  • Health Education (English / other languages upon request)
  • Health and Wellbeing Group Activities (English, Arabic, Vietnamese, and/or other languages as required)
  • Outreach services- various locations
  • In-reach services- Legal Aid is at Fairfield Women’s Health Service on a Monday (Fortnightly)
  • All other languages may be requested via the NSW Health interpreter or in partnership with the requesting service provider.

We are currently implementing the COVID Grant: Maintaining Fairfield Women and Their Families Safe.

The objectives and outcomes of our programs and services are aligned with NSW Health priorities such as focusing on mental health issues, family violence, and chronic Illness prevention.

All our services and group activities are currently free. Any questions or to refer clients to us: 
Call (02) 9794 0150 or email SWSLHD-FairfieldWomensHealthService@health.nsw.gov.au

Join our free face to face or online health and wellbeing group activities or see one of our practitioners in person or via telehealth appointments.  Come and visit us for a group tour and join us for morning or afternoon tea at the park next door.  Relax using our full body massage chair*

*booking required, waiver to be signed, and individual must clean chair before and after use. During lockdown, we offer tele-health appointments and online group activities only.